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Gene Brown, LA based Artist, with a back gound in Garmet/Textile Design, was born and raised in South Carolina, the middle child of 8 siblings whos, Father was a truck driver and Mother was a domestic.

At age 10, Gene took up the flute and throughout his school years. Barring a strong inclination for the instrument, the talented youth was encouraged to learn tenor and baritone saxophone- at the urging of Band Director, Ken Creekmore.

Gene's after school activity included hanging out at the band room and perusing the music library -looking for new and intersting flute parts."No matter what type of score I'd pull, I would just play the flute parts as written , later to discover that I was actually site reading everything- classics, marches, pop. There was always a strong attraction to the allegro tempos , expecially in selected solos and band arrangements.

Durning all this m any of my friends and family members had no clue that I wanted to sing or could even carry a vocal tune. They was just kinda look at me when I tell them that one day Im going to have my own cd. I began singing way later after high school, would do so at home and sometimes at church.

While still working full days schedule, pulling together info about doing a cd, Love To Me Is... is now a reality, getting airplay at various radio stations. With the help of some other musicians,online indie sites, mentors, It took me 2 years to finish that cd. One day Im gonna be on a movie sound track...that's not asking to much.

My new cd is going to be even more conceptual, soulful, and insightful with lots of cultural influence , and yeah, the allegro tempos will a strong direction..


Love, disappears to re-appear forever. ------Its a ring. ----So Mystic Ring come fall upon 2 embracing ------again------again.---------Lyrics from